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Idea Infinity Pool vs Fountain

In Twyla Tharp’s book “The Creative Habit” she outlines how she captures ideas for a project: a box. Using a banker’s box, physical box not a metaphor, she drops snippets of anything that... READ MORE

When In Doubt, Take A Walk

I posted that to my Instagram feed¬†earlier this week which was a retaliation of my own frustrations with creativity and concentration. We know, it’s common sense, that exercise of any sort ignites our... READ MORE

Friction + Energy = Ideas

Friction. Energy. Ideas. Rub your hands together, like you were warming them on a cold morning waiting at the bus stop. Palms together, fingers pointing north… up + down alternatively. One evening during... READ MORE

Drawing Is Thinking

When you were in school, did you get caught doodling? Have you ever got the evil eye from a co-worker for doodling during a meeting? You were on right page! A study, sighted... READ MORE