OODA Loop for Creative Thinkers

Researchers have highlighted how the OODA Loop can improve decision-making, especially under stressful situations like combat. Another aspect of procession a heave volume of information with OODA is improved cognitive capacity. By applying... READ MORE

Illustrated Silk Scarves

My latest calla pastel painting series has been adapted for my ShopVida Design storefront. These 100% silk scarves are large, 35″ square; my favorite size. Add a fresh touch of color and visual... READ MORE

When In Doubt, Take A Walk

I posted that to my Instagram feed earlier this week which was a retaliation of my own frustrations with creativity and concentration. We know, it’s common sense, that exercise of any sort ignites our... READ MORE

Friction + Energy = Ideas

Friction. Energy. Ideas. Rub your hands together, like you were warming them on a cold morning waiting at the bus stop. Palms together, fingers pointing north… up + down alternatively. One evening during... READ MORE