Snowdrop Day: Playing Hooky

A dutiful student, my daughter's attendance record was near perfect. She completed homework assignments. Practiced piano daily. Didn't skip a beat to help her mother, while Dad was away on a corporate photo... READ MORE

Planning Without Process

An avid and devoted vegetable gardener got me thinking after I he said, “The seed catalogs will arriving soon.” Early January and he’s already planning his summer garden! Then, I remembered the insight... READ MORE

My Book Is Done! Now What?

After weeks of writing, editing, editing, editing, and illustrating, Cecelia’s Garden, it is now publicly available. Waiting patiently during the KDP Amazon review process, I checked the status three times yesterday. This morning... READ MORE

OODA Loop for Creative Thinkers

Researchers have highlighted how the OODA Loop can improve decision-making, especially under stressful situations like combat. Another aspect of procession a heave volume of information with OODA is improved cognitive capacity. By applying... READ MORE

Illustrated Silk Scarves

My latest calla pastel painting series has been adapted for my ShopVida Design storefront. These 100% silk scarves are large, 35″ square; my favorite size. Add a fresh touch of color and visual... READ MORE