Layer Cake of Unresolved Emotions

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Pandemic Lockdown Essential Worker Declaration BLM Movement Rioting & Looting I Co-Worker Murdered Deracho (Intense Winds & Thunderstorm) Rioting & Looting II Working in a grocery store, especially where my department is located near the front door, is ideal for … Continued

Snowdrop Day: Playing Hooky

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A dutiful student, my daughter’s attendance record was near perfect. She completed homework assignments. Practiced piano daily. Didn’t skip a beat to help her mother, while Dad was away on a corporate photo assignment. A rugged schedule for any eight year-old, week after week, since early January. Official spring break wouldn’t be for another month!

OODA Loop for Creative Thinkers

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Researchers have highlighted how the OODA Loop can improve decision-making, especially under stressful situations like combat. Another aspect of procession a heave volume of information with OODA is improved cognitive capacity. By applying and repeating the Loop productivity increases as well as one’s ability to adapt to change.