Kickin’ My “Stage Fright” To The Curb

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Some of you may be aware that I’ve been a ‘docent-in-training’ with the Chicago Architecture Foundation since January. The added workload and classroom time has forced me to come front & center to prepare a 2-hour presentation. Yes, two hours!  Twelve historic buildings and the Chicago Loop serve as my visuals and the script {for the most part} memorized; with notecards for occasional reference.

Well, it paid off… I am now a Docent with CAF!
Before practicing could commence, I invested hours storyboarding my presentation based on the established route/buildings of the tour. Sorting through a ton of information, facts and urban myths to weave my own presentation that I thought would be interesting to visitors and Chicagoan of all ages.

The audience for an architectural tour versus business presentation is quite different; but one aspect will remain constant: KEEP IT INTERESTING.

Utilizing the storyboard process early in the development of any presentation, we’re able to see how the theme is introduced and carried through to the conclusion. Supported by well-written content and strong visuals to re-enforce your idea and sprinkled with “colorful” stories to connect with directly with your audience can yield a powerful presentation.

So, if you’re in Chicago, I can use all the practice I can get for my “Rise of Historic Skyscraper” tour and soon I’ll be storyboarding my “Modern Skyscraper” tour.

Image Credit: City of Chicago “Historic Michigan Boulevard District” (