Layer Cake of Unresolved Emotions

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  • Pandemic Lockdown
  • Essential Worker Declaration
  • BLM Movement
  • Rioting & Looting I
  • Co-Worker Murdered
  • Deracho (Intense Winds & Thunderstorm)
  • Rioting & Looting II

Working in a grocery store, especially where my department is located near the front door, is ideal for people watching. During normal times, it can be very entertaining (in a good way).

Since April, most have become walking zombies. Eyes are glazed, an aura of confusion or disconnectedness and and attitude of “I’m here, treat me special.”

Hey, I’ve been homebound, too; except for my shifts at the grocery store. I’m eager to be with my family, go shopping, visit my favorite museums, eat out, take/give architecture tours and all the other activities that were a part of my life before the public health crisis affected all of us.

Staying home hasn’t bothered me as much, it would have been challenging when I was (much) younger.

Social media was not a panacea. Instagram is my favorite platform. I couldn’t take the stuff being posting on Facebook… thus I’m an occasional voyeur on that platform and others, too.

Truth is, in-person interactions with neighbors and co-workers have strengthened. Despite wearing a mask and adding more space between, the topic of conversation can be quite intimate and personal. “How’s your family?”, “Did you restaurant survive last night’s looting?”, etc.

It’s those infrequent encounters that reaffirms my belief in the goodness of humanity.

Where or how are you finding the small joys to connect with others?